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Thursday, July 05, 2007
A couple of days ago, I went shopping at a K B Toy Store for my kids. It was hot and I wanted to buy them a water slide for our backyard.

Karen & I did the research before going to the store. She even called the store to make sure the items were in stock. When I got to the store, the cordial cashier had already set aside some nice items for me to look at. I thought that things were going great! I saved so much time and was able to go in and come out with many wonderful toys (on sale I might add) for my kids within 15 minutes!

Karen knew that I needed to buy a hose from Home Depot to attach to the water slide and the other toys, so I bought that too. As I happily arrived home, my wife looked at the toys and exclaimed, "Did you make sure to buy an air pump for all these inflatable water toys?" My face dropped. I, in my glory at the toy store, had failed to read the fine print on the toy boxes. The instructions specifically mentioned to inflate the toys with an air pump. So, my kids were only able to use 1 out of 4 toys that evening, all because I did not read the fine print on the box label.

When buying online, from CLC or anywhere else, it's important to take the extra time to read the descriptions, features, sizes and other information about the product BEFORE purchasing so as to avoid return shipping charges and wasted time. For example, some customers shopping for a women's clutch wallet that has a checkbook holder often think confuse another similar ladies wallet on our site and sometimes buy that one, which is made specifically to hold extra credit cards, not a checkbook. If they just took the time to read the descriptions for both wallets, they could have avoided ordering the wrong product.

Happy Shopping means Smart Shopping!


Adam & Karen from CLC

by: CLCLeather

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