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Saturday, June 23, 2007
We ordered some showcases last year for our showroom from a company in Philadelphia. They arrived in perfect condition, even though they were made of glass and I was so happy to receive them I called the rep at the company to thank him for his wonderful service.

He answered the phone hesitantly, thinking that I was calling to complain about damaged merchandise. I just told him that I was so happy with the product and the timely delivery, I called him to thank him for it. Surprisingly, he exclaimed, "ok, where's the 'but'?"

I said there is no "but." He just couldn't believe it! He said that in 20+ years with that company, a paucity of customers called to ever thank him. All his calls were complaints! I was so upset at hearing about this and then I felt thankful for being a part of CLC, where our customers actually call or email us even when things go just right or better than they expected, because they are wonderful, appreciative human beings! Thus, I want to share some recent testimonials with you in this post and encourage you to leave talk positively about companies that you like doing business with, since the world is so full of negative sentiments.

Before I post these testimonials, though, I would like to mention some positive experiences I had this week with my kids in the Niagara Falls area.

We went to 2 different places and I loved both of them. My kids enjoyed dearly as well and that's why I am taking the time to let you know about them because if you are ever in this area, you must make time to visit the following two attractions (aside from visiting us at CLC).

The first ride is the balloon ride at Niagara Falls, NY, which takes you up 400 ft in the air and lets you enjoy a truly breathtaking view of the entire Niagara Falls (USA & Canada) landscape. And guess what? It's extremely affordable, so please check it out.

The second attraction is our favorite amusement park, Fantasy Island, which is almost walking distance from CLC! It truly is family friendly and the fun is long lasting, especially for the kids. So please do check it out (on weekdays, preferably). They are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day (every day except Mondays).

OK, so here are two unsolicited testimonials from our dear clients who took the time to appreciate our efforts and we thank them.

1) From Margaret & Dave Z (full last name not displayed on purpose), Kannapolis, North Carolina -

Dear Adam,

Our experience with Creative Leather Concepts has been extremely positive and satisfying.
Specifically we had ordered a lawyer’s briefcase from your web site for our graduating son-in-law. We received it in a timely manner but when we were looking at it we discovered the pin that holds the handle was working loose. My wife called while on the road and talked with Rocky who was very helpful in getting in touch with you. You decided that a replacement was the best solution considering the time element. It was shipped over night to my house. Unfortunately the FedEx driver wasn’t able to locate my house this time. You had the briefcase recalled and shipped another one directly to my son-in-law's house. Scott received the briefcase on his graduation day and is very thrilled.
We want to thank you for going to the extreme in making Scott’s graduation a very special day. We are very pleased with Creative Leather Concepts and will recommend them to our friends.

Regards, Margaret and Dave Z

2) From Helen L., Voorhees, NJ:

Dear Karen,

It has been so lovely talking with you and getting this order handled and I may say that you did it with aplomb. I received the Passport Holders and the lovely gift, which my husband really liked and is now his, smile. The Initials look great. I was so surprised when they arrived at my door last night, one day before schedule. Good Job!
The Passports are great I did want to know if you think they look better with the Passport seal and that if my niece and nephew want that can it be added later? Please let me know your opinion. Again, so nice to meet you and I definitely will be doing more business with your company in the future. By the way, do you give discounts to brides for their wedding parties. Perhaps I could mention your company to my sister and she may buy the wedding party gifts from you.
Blessings and have a great day, Helene

And yes, we do give discounts to all those who subscribe to our free email list!

Thanks for the compliments and rest assured, we read all our emails, even during Christmas season!

Happy Shopping,

Adam & Karen from

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