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Friday, June 15, 2007
Since we began sharing the Love we have for FedEx with our local customers last year (by becoming a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter), we have had many pleasant (and very few unpleasant) experiences.

We wanted to share some interesting stories about these experiences in this post and along the way, point out some common misconceptions about FedEx and its plethora of services. Needless to say, this post will not be enough to explain what we really want to say, so we will continue it in later posts.

Last week, one of our local customers, Becky H. from Grand Island, needed to ship health supplement bottles urgently to a pastor in Alabama. When we figured out the exact cost, we determined it would be about $30 cheaper to ship 2nd Day versus Standard Overnight. However, the 2nd Day air service included a $12.50 Saturday delivery surcharge because we were shipping out the package on a Thursday (and normally, FedEx does not deliver on weekends unless one pays a surcharge). So, Becky agreed and we shipped it out at 6:57 PM NY time last Thursday evening. Well, the package arrived the NEXT DAY and Becky called us to see what we told FedEx to get her package expedited through the system!!! We assured her that we did not do anything out of the ordinary and she was kind enough to thank us by emailing us a sincere feedback, which appears below:

"This is in regards to the excellent service you and your staff provided in getting our package to it's destination in a more than timely fashion. I had less than 10 minutes to get to your FedEx station and your staff waited for me as they knew I had had an urgent request. From helping to figure out the lowest price for the fastest shipment(promised in 2 days)our package arrived at its destination in 18 hours!!

Thank-you for your kind, courteous, prompt service." -Becky H., Grand Island, NY

The next story is about another one of our customers, who is an avid eBay seller. He came in earlier this week with a 49 pound box (going to NJ via FedEx Ground) and was almost positive that he lost money on the shipping cost of this particular auction item. We processed the label on the package and included $1000 of insurance as well! To his amazement, with a 2 day delivery commitment, the cost of this package came out to less than $21.00!!! Furthermore, he exclaimed out of joy that he had charged the buyer considerably more than that amount and had he gone to the good old USPS, the shipping cost (without Insurance) would have been higher than what the buyer had paid him!

So thank you FedEx for helping us gain trust with our customers and we shall continue to post more stories and testimonials about FedEx shipping as they occur.

As alway, readers' comments are most welcome.

Happy Shopping and Shipping with FedEx!

The CLC Team

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