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Monday, January 29, 2007
We just wanted to take time out and point out some links on our site about leather care and information about leather goods.

A lot of people are asking about how to take care of their leather jackets or other leather items and so we are dedicating this post to the subject of leather care.

We will link to this post in our monthly newsletter as well as on our site. If you, the reader have any questions about this topic, then please feel free to ask it using the comments / email link below and we will be sure to respond promptly.

Please note that there is a fundamental difference between leather and suede articles. Generally, leather cleaners and conditioners work well on leather articles as well as artificial (or synthetic) leather items. However, please do not use leather conditioners on suede or nubuck leather. These items are very delicate and can even be ruined by a little excess rain, let alone the wrong leather lotion!

For suede or nubuck items, including furniture patches, shoes and jackets, you can try to ask about cleaning and care to your local dry cleaning store that has a leather expert on staff. Look in the physical phone book or the one online to find leather experts in the dry cleaning section.

You can also try to find a special lotion or cleaning solution online for exclusively suede or nubuck leather products. We at CLC are working to source out a proper cleaning lotion that is made just for suede or nubuck items.

For more details on leather types, please visit our extensive section about leather care.

We also have an excellent and affordable leather repair kit that is made in the USA and is very popular. It works well on small repairs, whether on upholstery / furniture, automobiles, shoes, jackets, briefcases or other similar items.

Looking forward to your questions and comments!

-The CLC Team

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Ok, lovebirds, it's that time of year again.

We, as usual, have posted our Valentine's Day Delivery Deadlines so please make sure that you order on time.

And, remember, if you are able to order by January 31st, 2007, you also get FREE MONOGRAMMING!!! Now, won't your beloved love you for the fact that she / he received a personalized heart shape leather gift making it one of a kind?!!!

So just to get you on your toes and entice you with this year's offerings, we are proud to present our top 5 picks for Valentine's Day 2007:

1)Madison Avenue Pink Leather Tote Bag with Faux Croc Print
2)Red Leather Backpack, with her name on it.
3)Savvy Leather Wallet
4)Men's Leather Watch Box
5)Heart Shaped Leather Luggage Tag

Happy Shopping Lovers,

The CLC Team

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Sunday, January 07, 2007
We really love our customers and listen to them when they recommend different promotions. Thus, based on popular customer demand, we have a special sale going on thoroughout the month of January.

All those who shop our site can get free monogramming (on all those products that are able to be personalized), up to 3 letters!

So now is the time to think of all those occasions for which personalized leather gifts can come in handy. We will try to make a list of those occasions in this and other future blog entries to make it easier for you to decide. And please forward this entry to all your friends and family.

We have a very special selection of monogrammed gifts, including this unique leather gift idea for Valentine's Day, along with personalized gifts for men, monogrammed gifts for women, unique leather birthday gift ideas, a leather briefcase with initials for all professionals, a leather portfolio for executives (personalized of course), and many other similar items.

Looking further into the year, we have unique leather gift ideas for groomsmen and for bridesmaids, as well as a large selection of personalized wedding gift ideas. Well, what about personalized leather gifts for mom and special gifts for dad? And please do not forget the graduate! We have a very special and affordable selection of special leather gift ideas for graduation, and specific gifts for the female graduate as well as for the male graduate.

So use this time wisely to stock up and save on the monogramming costs because after January 31st, 2007 the monogramming goes up to $6.95 per item (up to 3 letters).

Oh, did we also mention, that we are including FREE Ground Shipping on all orders over $100? And if you live outside of New York State, there is NO TAX!

What a deal.

Happy shopping for personalized leather gifts at CLC!

by: CLCLeather

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