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Monday, January 29, 2007
We just wanted to take time out and point out some links on our site about leather care and information about leather goods.

A lot of people are asking about how to take care of their leather jackets or other leather items and so we are dedicating this post to the subject of leather care.

We will link to this post in our monthly newsletter as well as on our site. If you, the reader have any questions about this topic, then please feel free to ask it using the comments / email link below and we will be sure to respond promptly.

Please note that there is a fundamental difference between leather and suede articles. Generally, leather cleaners and conditioners work well on leather articles as well as artificial (or synthetic) leather items. However, please do not use leather conditioners on suede or nubuck leather. These items are very delicate and can even be ruined by a little excess rain, let alone the wrong leather lotion!

For suede or nubuck items, including furniture patches, shoes and jackets, you can try to ask about cleaning and care to your local dry cleaning store that has a leather expert on staff. Look in the physical phone book or the one online to find leather experts in the dry cleaning section.

You can also try to find a special lotion or cleaning solution online for exclusively suede or nubuck leather products. We at CLC are working to source out a proper cleaning lotion that is made just for suede or nubuck items.

For more details on leather types, please visit our extensive section about leather care.

We also have an excellent and affordable leather repair kit that is made in the USA and is very popular. It works well on small repairs, whether on upholstery / furniture, automobiles, shoes, jackets, briefcases or other similar items.

Looking forward to your questions and comments!

-The CLC Team

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Blogger Harvey said...

I bought a dark brown leather coat in turkey 6 years ago. It has begun to show a white deposit on the stand-up collar which sits against the back of my neck. I can rub the deposit off with my fingers but it comes back after the coat sits for a few days. I tried water but that resulted in the same result.
Any ideas on what the deposit might be and how I might rejuvenate the coat?
Thank you.

2:51 PM  
Blogger Creative Leather Concepts said...

The white deposit is actually fat from the skin. During the tanning process, the heat required to prevent the white deposit from forming was not present for a specific amount of time. Thus, if you apply heat (from a distance) then the white deposit will go away.

Please be careful to stand far away from the collar and the white deposit when performing the following procedure:

1) Use a standard hair dryer and apply low heat to the area affected with white deposit. Go closer and closer very slowly until the spot begins to darken. As soon as the spot changes color resembling the color of the leather coat, IMMEDIATELY shut off the dryer.

2) Then, use a clean dry cloth and apply leather lotion on the affected area. You can buy it from Wilson's leather (or any other leather shop in your area) or any local dry cleaner that has a leather section inside. We have tried mink oil in the past, but some people do not prefer it. Thus, the leather lotion or leather cream or leather conditioner will work fine.

3) Rub the affected area gently using round strokes and slowly you should see that the white spot has disappeared.

Please make sure that you have the leather lotion or conditioner before you begin the procedure mentioned above.

CAUTION: Leather is very sensitive. So, you have to be careful to SLOWLY move closer to the affected area from afar with the hair dryer. Otherwise, if you move too quickly or if the heat is too much (i.e. you do not turn off the dryer in time), then you will risk burning the leather. If you are slow and careful with the procedure, it will work.


-Adam from

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a classic case of spew. There is only one way to rectify the problem and that is to use a 'spew remover' or 'fat & salt stabiliser' which will restabilise the fats that have come to the surface form the leather itself.
'Spew' can easily be cleaned off the surface but will simply return if not dealt with correctly.
Heat alone will not do this - by the way never worry about using a hairdryer on leather it will not do any damage.

Hope this helps

4:12 PM  

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