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Monday, June 21, 2010

For many women, fashion is everything. Whether it be the clothes they’re wearing, the shoes on their feet, or the accessories which help make their outfit; for some women, the design and style of all aspects of their personal fashion is very important to them. Some women may focus primarily on the clothes or shoes they are wearing, but for others, their true love lies with their accessories. 

Accessories can make or break an outfit, but when looking for the perfect bag or purse to purchase, there are many other factors which come into play when picking the perfect one for you. Purses and wallets are a very important accessory for many women, if not just for how it looks, it’s due to its purpose-holding our money and much needed cards! As this is quite an important accessory, we look for something which is not only beautifully designed and crafted, but also something which will last time and is durable. 

Although we may look for quality and style, we do not necessarily want to be spending an extortionate amount of money for it, which is why leather wallets are perfect-offering both style, durability and what’s more, they are at a reasonable price for what you’ve been given.

Leather has been a forerunning material for many years in terms of fashion accessories. When you purchase a leather good, you are safe in the knowledge that what you are purchasing is not only well crafted and beautifully designed, but will also last the distance in terms of how long you will be able to use it for. 

Leather is also a firm favorite for many women when purchasing a wallet as leather continues to looks good with age. This means you will have a stylish looking wallet, years after you’ve bought it. But you may wonder what exactly you should look for when purchasing the perfect leather wallet for you? Firstly you will need to think about what your main needs for the wallet are.

If you have a lot of cards, you will need a wallet which caters for this with compartments for cash and cards. However, if you only carry cards, an id holder may be the best bet for you. When thinking about needs of use, take size into account also. If you are looking for a wallet which you may want to put inside an evening bag, a bulky wallet will be impractical for such occasions. 

A main factor for some women in choosing a leather wallet however, will be color (summer's here, so think PINK, PURPLE or TURQUOISE). Leather wallets can often look more designer and stylish when they are manufactured in darker colors such as brown and black. However, there is no need to compromise your personal style for colors which are more traditional, as leather wallets can also be found in a range of brighter, more feminine colors, which will not only make them more personable to you, but will also allow you to match with handbags, etc which you have in a similar color. For those with slightly louder personalities, you can also find wallets in a variety of patterns also.

If you’re looking for the ultimate, stylish wallet, take a look at investing in a leather wallet. They not only give a designer look that many women crave, but with their affordable prices and durability, you will be in possession of an accessory which is truly value for money which you can continue to use from season to season.

by: CLCLeather

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

It is often the case with many of us who work for a living that as things within our career get better, we often find ourselves having to spend more and more time away from home. If you are the girlfriend, wife or even mother of a loved one who often finds himself being away from home frequently, by giving him a special gift, you can help him remember you at home, whilst also providing him with a gift he will thoroughly enjoy and can use time and time again.

In the fast paced world of business, many who work within the field often find themselves needing a multitude of tools in order to do their job well. It is for this reason that many business men require the need of a briefcase, and in order to provide him with a perfect gift, why not give him a stylish, leather briefcase?

More traditional briefcase designs provided simple open and shut functions, with very little in terms of compartments to optimize the user’s spatial needs. Thanks to the advances in designs, no matter what he business needs may be, you will find a leather briefcase which will not only help him within his role, but will also help make him look more professional within the workplace. 

Depending on the needs he has will depend on the type of briefcase you should look into buying him. For the busy businessman who requires many tools everyday, there are a wide range of cases which provide a variety of compartments which enable him to store his keys, pens, papers and anything else he may need. As many briefcases also come with expandable sections, there is no worry that he will run out of space for those ultra busy days! As the business world is a fast paced one, many workers often find the need to work as they travel. It is due to travelling that many may require carrying more with them, thus requiring a different type of briefcase. 

There are a wide range of briefcases which come with attached wheels which allow the user to carry more with him, whilst also being able to transport his possessions easily and quickly. This is also a great choice, as it allows him to safely transport his goods without any heavy lifting which could result in an injury. Many businesses now heavily rely on computers, laptops and the internet in order to function and help their company grow. It is due to this that many who work within a business role requires their own personal laptop which they may also need in order to work whilst travelling. If your loved one requires a case which can accommodate his laptop, a laptop brief is the perfect solution for hm. These cases allow the user to not only store and carry his laptop easily and safely, but also allow him to work on the go much easier.

Other factors to think about when choosing the perfect leather gift for him should be about finish and color. A briefcase can often help determine an overall impression of someone, and so when buying the case, think about what his personal style is, and what may look more professional. Leather briefcases can be found in a wide range of colors, but for the more executive look, black and brown are often the most popular choices.

A perfect gift does not necessarily have to be something flash or something which costs an exorbitant amount of money, but is often a gift which is personable to someone and shows the thought behind it. Don’t allow your loved one to miss you when he works, with a stylish leather briefcase, he’ll remember you all day until the time he comes home.

by: CLCLeather

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Tuesday, June 01, 2010
Ah, June is here - the month of WEDDINGS!  Here's our tribute to the month of June, including some suggestions for wedding gifts that are sure to please the recipients and KEEP SOME MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS TOO!

Their big day is coming up, but you are completely lost, you have no idea what to buy them, and your sister already bought them that toaster, so what next? Well you can say goodbye to bad wedding gifts because this year you’re going to get something that the Bride and Groom will appreciate for a lifetime.

We all know buying gifts for the happy couple can be difficult, so instead of traipsing around shop after shop, try hitting the search engines online as well as some popular shopping comparison engines.  You’ll soon discover there’s a wide range out there that you never even imagined.  What's more, you’ll soon find something that screams quality and really shows that you care. It will also illustrate the time you took to find the perfect present.

A genuine leather jewelry box can be a great starting point, but why not push the boat out and get one that is heart shaped? It can be a lovely, sentimental gift that the bride can keep her jewelry in for years to come that will always remind her of her wedding day. It also provides a visually attractive and practical place to store her prized wedding ring. With deep pockets for necklaces, and hidden compartments for those special pieces, she’s sure to appreciate this genuine gift that’s built to last.

You could also get them a unique and useful gift for the honeymoon. Travel accessories are always handy, especially when they have a long romantic getaway coming up. A stylish leather travel pouch can be just what the doctor ordered, providing the honeymooners with 2 zippered waterproof compartments, and a convenient see-through mesh section. It folds away easily, meaning it won’t interfere with all of the bride’s clothes, and it’s also attached to a hook on a leather loop, allowing it to be hung from a hotel bathroom or closet with extreme ease. It also comes with a handy gift box, making it that perfect wedding gift that will also come in handy for future holidays.

Of course if you’re budget allows (and the couple getting married is very close to you, might we suggest a luxurious wheeled leather duffel bag? It might be the perfect little extra for anything the bride and groom may not have room for in their suitcase. The bag itself has top and bottom zipper access for easy packing, and a snap together fastener on the handle ensuring no sore hands after carrying in around the airport. Of course, you could always use the retractable metal handle for easy handling if it’s a little bit too full to carry! Whether it’s for a weekend break or a holiday in through Europe, it’ll suit every job.

You may also want to consider a beautiful leather portfolio. Don’t dismiss the idea too soon, because it could soon turn into one of the most prized gifts of all. A gorgeous leather portfolio can provide a perfect foundation for a collection of images throughout their wedding.  The collection needn’t be perfect, just some photos from the wedding, or different touches here and there, maybe even messages from other guests written inside. It’s a unique idea not often thought about, and a premium leather portfolio can ensure that what’s inside is safe and protected so it can be appreciated and treasured for a lifetime.

With gifts like this, and many, many more available to you, you’ll be sure to be their new best friend when they un-wrap their gift to discover a luxurious premium leather wedding gift.

by: CLCLeather

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