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Tuesday, June 01, 2010
Ah, June is here - the month of WEDDINGS!  Here's our tribute to the month of June, including some suggestions for wedding gifts that are sure to please the recipients and KEEP SOME MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS TOO!

Their big day is coming up, but you are completely lost, you have no idea what to buy them, and your sister already bought them that toaster, so what next? Well you can say goodbye to bad wedding gifts because this year you’re going to get something that the Bride and Groom will appreciate for a lifetime.

We all know buying gifts for the happy couple can be difficult, so instead of traipsing around shop after shop, try hitting the search engines online as well as some popular shopping comparison engines.  You’ll soon discover there’s a wide range out there that you never even imagined.  What's more, you’ll soon find something that screams quality and really shows that you care. It will also illustrate the time you took to find the perfect present.

A genuine leather jewelry box can be a great starting point, but why not push the boat out and get one that is heart shaped? It can be a lovely, sentimental gift that the bride can keep her jewelry in for years to come that will always remind her of her wedding day. It also provides a visually attractive and practical place to store her prized wedding ring. With deep pockets for necklaces, and hidden compartments for those special pieces, she’s sure to appreciate this genuine gift that’s built to last.

You could also get them a unique and useful gift for the honeymoon. Travel accessories are always handy, especially when they have a long romantic getaway coming up. A stylish leather travel pouch can be just what the doctor ordered, providing the honeymooners with 2 zippered waterproof compartments, and a convenient see-through mesh section. It folds away easily, meaning it won’t interfere with all of the bride’s clothes, and it’s also attached to a hook on a leather loop, allowing it to be hung from a hotel bathroom or closet with extreme ease. It also comes with a handy gift box, making it that perfect wedding gift that will also come in handy for future holidays.

Of course if you’re budget allows (and the couple getting married is very close to you, might we suggest a luxurious wheeled leather duffel bag? It might be the perfect little extra for anything the bride and groom may not have room for in their suitcase. The bag itself has top and bottom zipper access for easy packing, and a snap together fastener on the handle ensuring no sore hands after carrying in around the airport. Of course, you could always use the retractable metal handle for easy handling if it’s a little bit too full to carry! Whether it’s for a weekend break or a holiday in through Europe, it’ll suit every job.

You may also want to consider a beautiful leather portfolio. Don’t dismiss the idea too soon, because it could soon turn into one of the most prized gifts of all. A gorgeous leather portfolio can provide a perfect foundation for a collection of images throughout their wedding.  The collection needn’t be perfect, just some photos from the wedding, or different touches here and there, maybe even messages from other guests written inside. It’s a unique idea not often thought about, and a premium leather portfolio can ensure that what’s inside is safe and protected so it can be appreciated and treasured for a lifetime.

With gifts like this, and many, many more available to you, you’ll be sure to be their new best friend when they un-wrap their gift to discover a luxurious premium leather wedding gift.

by: CLCLeather

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Anonymous wishing well hire Sydney said...

The leather wallents look great. It would be a beautiful and practical wedding gift.

9:25 AM  

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