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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Basically, there are two types of portfolios; the standard portfolio and the women’s portfolio. These two types of portfolio are mostly made of leather and used to carry personal things. However, the standard portfolio varies from a woman’s portfolio in many aspects ranging from the outward appearance to the purpose for which the portfolio will be used.
Standard portfolios usually look like folders with holders, whereas the women’s portfolios can also resemble a quality and attractively styled handbag. Standard portfolios do not have handles, whereas the opposite is true with a woman’s portfolio. The standard is smaller than those used by women. Most often, men prefer to use the standard type while women tend to prefer a more fashionable style.
The women’s portfolio is among the hottest gifts for business women in today’s competitive marketplace and especially in regard to gifts for special occasions. Here are seven reasons why women tend to choose a women’s portfolio rather than the standard one.
1.      Women usually carry more personal items and accessories. They need a lot of things that must be put into a container neatly so as not to affect their business image. A woman’s portfolio possesses these advantages. With its generous space and several compartments, this folio affords women who are on tight schedules to quickly put away their accessories and business materials inside in an expedient manner.
2.      Business women usually like to travel in style. Being out of fashion is every woman’s nightmare. Business women, even though they want to maintain an image of seriousness and determination, are still women who always want to look beautiful and presentable. The woman’s portfolio allows a business woman to always look classy and capable at the same time. When big deals are on the table, a properly chosen woman’s portfolio can make a real difference on the impact of her presence.
3.      Women hate to carry so many items that would make them look disorganized. A woman would rather dump everything in one big bag instead of carrying several smaller bags. Business women have to have many things at arms reach when dealing with a client: documents, contracts, and personal effects. Instead of carrying the computer in a separate bag, her personal effects in another carrying case, and the documents and contracts in another portfolio, a business woman would rather put everything into a stylish portfolio that can be carried over her shoulder.
4.      When thinking of gifts for business women, it is important to know that women who travel may sometimes stay a night or two in an unfamiliar hotel. This requires that she carry a bigger portfolio. Business women’s gifts must be thought of from a practical use perspective. Women who travel need a portfolio that has space for an extra set of clothes in case they will be required to stay for a prolonged period.
5.      Business women’s portfolios also allow space for a notebook computer. There are usually several files in their computer that need to be brought during a meeting or to help close a deal. Printing these documents is not practical, because the documents may have many pages. The soft copy on their computer is the best solution. Besides, the inherent advantages of having a computer during a business meeting are obvious. Presentations can be prepared in minutes and can be projected with ease.  Many new laptops can allow for wireless printing on the fly by detecting the closest nearby network printers and quickly installing drivers.
6.      Business women, like businessmen, must carry lots of accessories. These accessories range from makeup kits to mobile phones and beyond. Portfolios bought for business women must take into account that these items are necessities, not luxuries. These simple but important tools are essential in their survival in the business world.
7.      A business woman’s portfolio, especially the signature brands, are a status symbol; and business women find this is an advantage when making deals and during meetings. The perfect portfolio (especially in a dashing color), will add pizazz to any business woman's ensemble and allow her to be more confident.
Thus, it is to the business women’s advantage to carry a woman’s portfolio instead of a standard portfolio. So if you are considering which business women’s gift you want to give to your female friend or coworker, consider buying her a women’s portfolio. It is a necessity, not a luxury. Image is an important part of any successful business woman’s tools.

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