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Sunday, May 13, 2007
One of our customers came in last week and informed us of her upcoming daughter's wedding in June. She has searched for many wedding gift ideas frantically over the past 8 months online and has not found the perfect gift idea for the bridesmaids at her wedding.

This particular type of gift is a tricky one because there is a vast age group that is represented by all the bridesmaids at her daughter's wedding.

Well, while we were having this conversation, one of our salespeople happened to show her one of our newest and most popular travel gifts, a leather passport cover with a gold foil stamp of the US Seal. She exclaimed with utter joy and amazement, "that is the perfect gift for my daughter's bridesmaids!" Everyone, from age 0-100+ will be needing a passport soon, even if she has not applied for one yet. Thus, this passport wallet will be used by the recipient and not just thrown away or kept in a drawer, unused and unappreciated.

And so, we have dedicated this blog post to Kathy, our wonderful inspiration for this ocean blue colored leather passport holder (which also comes in hot pink and lime green, by the way) as the perfect gift idea for bridesmaids (and, we might add, for groomsmen).

Good luck with the wedding plans, Kathy, and we wish Shannon much success and marital bliss!


The CLC Team

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