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Thursday, May 31, 2007

This post is dedicated to Linda E and her daughter Michelle, the phenomenal new lawyer from Orlando, Florida.

Recently, our friend Linda purchased one of our leather briefcases for attorneys on our site. At the time (end of April), we were completely sold out of it in the Cordovan color that she initially requested for her daughter's imminent graduation.

Well, we called her and asked about the latest date for receiving this piece so that she could save the day and delight her daughter with the right color and the perfect lawyer's gift. We assured her that we would send out the briefcase on time to arrive before the graduation date, but we were not 100% certain to send out the exact color that she wanted.

She accepted our request and hoped for the best, which resulted in the Cordovan color briefcase arriving on time in one of our warehouses, being monogrammed with Michelle's initials and then being sent to Orlando to arrive 2 days BEFORE the graduation!

We were thrilled and so was Linda. Michelle was so happy, she sent us very flattering and heartfelt words of gratitude. With her permission, we are sharing them with you here in this blog post below.

Thank you Linda & Lots of Luck to Michelle, who is destined to be a fantastic lawyer, one who is not only intelligent, but also looks great with a sophisticated and attractive leather attorney's briefcase from CLC!

Michelle's comments appear below (sent May 30th, 2007):

"Hello Adam: Thank you for my new briefcase. I am so overjoyed with my new gift. The color is fantastic and the feel is like no other leather I have felt. My friends are envious and I am just loving it. This was a gift that everyone should have. I just graduated from Law School and I can't wait to take my new Briefcase on my First case. Thank you again Creative Leather Concepts for helping my Dreams come true. I LOVE IT. And thank you Adam for your hard work and dedication to make my special day complete. You have me as a customer for life."

(One of the images that she sent us is shown above, with her permission). We LOVE our customers!)

Happy Graduation Michelle!

Adam, Karen & the entire CLC Crew

by: CLCLeather

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