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Thursday, February 05, 2009
Ok here's the chart from FedEx, showing the drastic reduction in fuel surcharges from November until now:

FedEx Express
Surcharge Effective Date
7.50% Jan. 5, 2009–Feb. 1, 2009
15.00% Dec. 1, 2008–Jan. 4, 2009
28.50% Nov. 3, 2008–Nov. 30, 2008

Now it's only 1%!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL, that's all I can say - amazing....

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by: CLCLeather

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Blogger Gator23 said...

FDX and UPS make most of their money from surcharges. However, fuel is dependent on the US Gulf Coast Spot price for kerosene jet fuel (Express) and US on highway average price for diesel (Ground). They generally run a month behind. Both companies lowered their fuel surcharge by 2% this year. If you would like to lower your rates send me an email at

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