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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Imagine this scenario: You are traveling (on business or with your family on vacation). You are staying in a wonderful hotel. The experience has been wonderful thus far. You have just packed up all your bags and are ready to leave the hotel room when you realize that you cannot find your watch.

You remember taking it off last night and you think you might have put it in the bathroom so you first check there...without any luck.

Then, you start to look underneath the night table and the work desk, thinking that your expensive Movado watch might have slipped somehow on the floor...but you cannot find it.

Frantically, you start to open all the drawers and cabinets of the hotel room in a final attempt of desperation, hoping to find your beautiful watch, which was an anniversary gift from your wife of 25 years! As you open the cabinet that conceals the TV in many hotels, you see a glare of the watch coming at you from one of the corners BEHIND the TV set. You suddenly remember that you put the watch on the TV set when you got up last night to pick up the remote.

Well, now you can rest easy. Our new and stylish catch all organizer tray is the best solution for safeguarding valuables on the go by keeping them handy and in one place until you are ready to pick them up.

It packs neatly and then the four corners snap easily to form a bowl like tray shape that is ready to host all your small valuables, like watches, hotel key cards, earrings and cufflinks. It's also perfect for small cell phones and spare change. You can dump everything inside this tray at night, place it on top of the highest cabinet (so the kids can't get to it), and then have all your things ready for you when you are about to leave the hotel.

It will make a great end to a great trip...A much better and cost effective alternative to high blood pressure medication, don't you think?

Happy Traveling,

Adam from CLC

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