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Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Since we became a FedEx Authorized ShipCenter (FASC for short), our name and address have been displayed in the locater section of However, our phone number was not being displayed, due to internal FedEx regulations.

Well, as of earlier this month, FedEx decided to display all FASC phone numbers on their website, so that people can call for more details. This decision really augments FedEx business so we think it was a very good move, especially before the holidays.

For all those people who have asked us for directions and information, they can now look us up on, using the following easy-to-follow instructions:

Just go to, then mouse over to the SHIP tab on top and click on FIND LOCATIONS in the drop down menu. Enter 14072 in the zip code field and enter SUBMIT and we are the only one result with maps, directions and phone number. This process should also make it easier for you and your contacts / friends.

Happy Shipping & Shopping!

Adam from CLC

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