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Saturday, October 06, 2007

We never imagined that our leather tissue box covers would be such a huge success until we ran out in May and had requests throughout the summer to get them quickly back in stock. We initially only sold the rectangular ones on our site. Then, due to increased requests to accommodate the square shaped Kleenex boxes, we decided to add the square leather tissue box cover too, which neatly and elegantly covers a standard box of square tissues.

Both these items, the square and rectangular boxes make great gifts for the boss, colleagues and Christmas.

Furthermore, they really add a touch of class to the conference table or secretary's desk, especially in a successful law firm, real estate office or doctor's office. And we were quite surprised to find out that not many places sell these handmade leather desk accessories online. So it's good to buy them now before we run out again (it took us 4 months to get them back in stock this week).

Happy Desk Decorating,

Adam from CLC

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