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Tuesday, November 27, 2007
In case many of you are not aware already, Yahoo's (yes the YAHOO!) Secure Shopping Cart was down for more than 5 hours on Cyber Monday (yesterday), the BUSIEST shopping day of the year for online buyers.

And of course it affected more than a million small businesses, not to mention countless numbers of online shoppers, whose anxiety is already quite high during this stressful and chaotic shopping time of the year.

So, any compensation? Not yet? How about an apology? Well, the company did make an attempt at apologizing but it does not seem enough to many whose lost sales may not be recovered.

Well, there are positive notes on this issue, if we look at it a little closely (don't yell at me because I DON'T work for Yahoo):

1) We have been hosting our store on the Yahoo platform for more than 7 years, and this type of major problem is the first of its kind in our experience. Now, the fact that it came on arguably the worst possible time is another issue.

2) Yahoo, being big and mighty and at times forgetting (almost) their humble beginnings, underestimated, it seems, the power of small giants like CLC and our fellow small businesses that are hosted on the Yahoo Small Business platform, able to attract such online traffic that would exceed even high expectations.

I think that this shakeup will cause Yahoo to rethink their strategy for providing the Small and Medium size businesses a proper venue to speak their cause and move forward their claims, lest they, the businesses, seek other hosts for their growing businesses.

Happy Shopping (and yes we have increased our 20% off holiday sale for another 2 days to make up for any inconvenience caused to our existing customers),

Adam from CLC

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