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Wednesday, March 26, 2008
Yesterday, we moved the bulk of our warehouse from our old location to our new location.

Even though the two locations are 1 mile apart, the move was still difficult.

We had the best moving help (the only way to contact them is through Uhaul's moving service online called - their company name is Queen City Movers in Amherst NY and ask for Garrett, Frank and Jason).

So, that's why we have not been able to post so often on the blog and our newsletters are almost nonexistent these past few months.

I assure you, though, that once we move in, we will be in a better position in Grand Island, NY and for our tourist visitors!

So, thanks for your patience and stay tuned for our newly designed monthly newsletter coming out in the middle of April 2008!

Happy shopping,

Adam from CLC

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Blogger James said...

Fahim - I just wanted to congratulate you on your move and look to another fruitful relationship this next year.

James Rader
Operations Manager
Sound Telecom

11:25 AM  

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