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Sunday, February 26, 2006
We have been approved as a FedEx Authorized Ship Center! We are scheduled to begin shipping operations via FedEx Express and FedEx Ground on April 5th, 2006. Our leather boutique will also be open to the public at that time. All the residents of Grand Island, NY and the neighboring localities like Niagara Falls and Lewiston, NY are welcome to visit us starting Wednesday, April 5, 2006.

Plus, we also look forward to welcoming all the tourists in the area, especially during the travel season throughout the summer and fall.

Please note that there is no other shipping center in Grand Island and residents are forced to use the FedEx Kinkos in Tonawanda, NY, which is 15 miles away. So we are hopeful to provide the same services as Kinkos (for the same price) for Grand Island residents. We will not charge surcharges for our customers. The FedEx List Prices will be the price that customers pay to ship all packages through us, whether Express or Ground.

We are conveniently located in the Harbor Towne Office Complex on Baseline Road.

For directions and hours of operations, please visit our website at

FedEx Ground has recently launched 6 new hubs in 2005 for processing ground shipments and as a result the delivery times packages delivered to many cities have decreased and the reliability has increased. Please note this information from the FedEx website:

When it comes to cost-effective ground delivery, FedEx Ground operates one of the fastest overall networks in the business and is a great choice for your customers. On June 6, FedEx Ground cut a full day off the transit times for an additional 9,174 routes. This means faster service between a number of key U.S. cities, including:

Service between Toledo, Ohio, and Woodbridge, N.J., decreased from 3 business days to 2.
Service between Harrisburg, Penn., and Champaign, Ill., decreased from 3 business days to 2.
Service between Los Angeles, Calif., and Kansas City, Kan., decreased from 4 business days to 3.
Service between Salt Lake City, Utah, and Fort Worth, Texas, decreased from 4 business days to 3.

More information will be provided on our website about this project and about special deals.

The CLC Team

by: CLCLeather

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