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Friday, January 27, 2006
Since we are also eBay PowerSellers, all modifications to eBay policies affect us, directly or indirectly. Thus, when we received an email this morning from eBay's Matt Halprin, who is in charge of the Global Policy Management for eBay, we thought to post it on our blog for discussion.

For the sake of brevity, we are only posting a portion of his email for all to read, because we feel that important changes are coming about in 2006 to the eBay marketplace. These changes will affect all of us sellers and for the most part, we think these changes are positive. Read the email excerpt, visit the links and discuss what you guys think:

Making policies easy to understand

"We now have over 150 policies designed to keep the eBay marketplace healthy and to maintain a safe place to buy and sell. We recognized that some of our policies were hard to understand, even for me. So last year, we spent several months rewriting our policy pages in straightforward language to make them easier to understand and follow. Now each page includes: a clear statement of the policy and why we have it; examples that illustrate what is and isn't allowed; and a list of the possible consequences of violating the policy. (To learn more, please visit our Policy Hub page.)
Educating members about policies

Understanding eBay's policies helps members have a more positive eBay experience. Last year we focused on creating educational materials on the site designed to help members understand and comply with our policies. We now have five online tutorials available for Intellectual Property & VeRO, Shill Bidding, Fee Circumvention , Feedback and Search & Browse Manipulation. These new tutorials only take a few minutes to complete. Each one steps members through the policy details they need to know in order to stay in compliance.

In 2006, we will also be launching a new comprehensive Marketplace Policy tutorial that covers all our biggest policy areas, including Keyword Spamming, Fee Circumvention, Feedback, VeRO and more."

One last paragraph, which we thought was important (sorry for being lengthy but it's worth reading. It deals with reporting sellers that violate policy, appears below:

Making it easy to detect policy violations

"One of the most important ways we learn about listings that violate our policies is through reports from other Community members. You've told us that the process for reporting suspicious activity has been too cumbersome. So to make it easier for members to send us these reports, in the spring of 2006, every item page will have a "Report this Item" link at the bottom of the page. This link will bypass the Contact Us flow and take you to a list of possible reasons why a listing needs to be brought to our attention. It will save you valuable time and help us review the listing quickly."

Happy Friday guys

The entire CLC Team.

by: CLCLeather

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