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Thursday, January 12, 2006
Airbus unveiled the largest airplane last year. It's called the A-380, a 550 passenger behemoth of a plane that is larger in width than the White House! Singapore Airlines plans to fly the A-380 in December between Singapore and select European cities. Read more about the A-380, plus more new travel trends for 2006, including less stringent security measure for some pre-approved business travelers (willing to pay a fee of course), in this USA Today article.

James Frey, a former drug addict and alcoholic has written a "memoir" about his struggle through life. In 2003, his book, entitled A Million Little Pieces, was published and in October of 2005 it caught the attention of Oprah Winfrey. She dedicated an entire show to Mr. Frey and as a result of this publicity, his book sold more than a million copies. It still stands as the number one seller in the's non-fiction best seller list. That's great news right? Well up until this past week, everything was going great for Mr. Frey, who was doing the screenwriting for a possible upcoming film about the book.An investigative website published a long but informative article a few days ago in which many accounts depicted by Frey in his book are proven to be exaggerations. The proofs presented in this article are so solid that the publishers of Frey's book agreed to offer refunds to customers who bought the book and would like to now return it! The argument made by this website was that the "memoir" was actually more fiction and should have been published as fiction and NOT as non-fiction.

Well, last night, Oprah Winfrey responded about claims against Mr. Frey and in fact defended the author! So, the controversy continues and interestingly, it has sparked people to flood the search engines to find out more about Mr. Frey. It seems to us that he is getting more publicity!

Oh well, c'est la vie (that's life, in French).

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Blogger Creative Leather Concepts said...

Today, Oprah Winfrey apologized publicly on her show, showing remorse for previously endorsing Frey's book. Read the article here.

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