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Tuesday, January 10, 2006, an online community site that started as late as 2004, is boasting up to 47.3 million users, and attracting attention from the likes of Yahoo!. Furthermore, was number 1 in the list of top 100 searches in Yahoo Shopping this week, beating out eBay, which was number 5.

In its "About Us" section, it states:

"MySpace is for everyone:

Friends who want to talk Online
Single people who want to meet other Singles
Matchmakers who want to connect their friends with other friends
Families who want to keep in touch--map your Family Tree
Business people and co-workers interested in networking
Classmates and study partners
Anyone looking for long lost friends!"

The other late startup success story is about The Million Dollar Homepage started by 21 year old Alex Tew from the UK who wanted to raise money for his college tuition fees so he set a goal for a million dollars.

He has not only raised much more than that, but also gained worldwide fame and attention, not to mention ranking 127 on What's more, he only started this project in August of 2005 with a little idea...

So don't despair all you creative minds out there! There are still legitimate money making ideas out there and they are waiting for you to think them up and get them noticed.

Good luck and Happy Reading,

The CLC Team

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