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Thursday, January 05, 2006
The Peak of World Oil Production, a one hour speech delivered at California Institute of Technology a week after Thanksgiving 2005 by geologist and Princeton professor Ken Deffeyes (author of Beyond Oil: The View from Hubbert's Peak), offers an interesting and astute look at the need for alternate fuel sources in the world.

Born in the middle of an Oklahoma City oil field Ken Deffeyes has spent a lifetime in the oil business and the academic study of petroleum. He is Professor Emeritus at Princeton University where he taught geology. Before joining the Princeton faculty in 1967, Deffeyes worked in the Shell research lab in Houston. At Shell he was a colleague of M. King Hubbert, who was the first person to predict that a peak in oil production was even possible.After his retirement from Princeton in 1998, Ken Deffeyes published two books on the subject of Peak Oil, Hubbert's Peak and Beyond Oil. Deffeyes says that the methods that M. King Hubbert used to accurately predict the peak of United States oil production for the early 1970s can now be applied to world production. Ken Deffeyes wrote that quote: "It is my opinion that the peak will occur in late 2005,” and nominated Thanksgiving 2005 as his World Oil Peak Day wherein quote "we can pause and give thanks for the good years of abundance, and face up to the coming decline of this life-force fuel."

The California Institute of Technology in Pasadena invited Ken Deffeyes to talk about his theory of Peak Oil one week after Thanksgiving 2005. He was recorded by the L.A. Sound Posse. [If you click on this link, it will lead you to an MP3 file where you can listen to Part 1 of the speech.]

Now, you may be wondering, how this pertains to CLC and other online companies?! Well, we are in the business of mail-order and shipping products to happy customers. When the fuel surcharge at FedEx went up to 20% (?!!!) in November and December of 2005, it was very difficult for us and other online retailers to afford shipping products and maintain the same shipping & handling costs! Thus, we have to be aware of the issues that go on in the world we live in if we are to live sustainably and allow our coming generations to live in an environmentally friendly world.

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