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Monday, January 24, 2011

You’ve ditched that sofa made out of fabric, you’ve punted that pleather futon out into the garbage, and you’ve finally invested in a nice piece of custom leather furniture.

The cost didn’t matter much because you realized the difference between savings now in the form of inexpensive furniture that performed a utilitarian purpose now, be it something that was needed to fill a space or a hunk of wood and springs that just “looked nice,” and the benefits of investing in something that would last much longer than anything stapled and tacked together with a floral print.

Your leather furniture only increases in character as the years roll on, the patches of worn surface area attesting to how inviting it is for people to get comfortable and relax, but the question of how to keep it supple and attractive is almost as elusive as how to keep your own skin looking radiant.

It is not always the most savory thing to think about, the hides of animals providing the most comfortable relaxation beyond anything a piece of fabric ever could, but as you stroll down the cleaner aisle wherever you find furniture polish or fabric cleaners you’ll notice all those other products are chock full of abrasives and chemicals. These are your skins, after all, and you need to treat them as such.  

Thankfully, there’s a product like Furniture Amore, a true leather upholstery lotion that can add years to a piece of furniture simply by applying it. By understanding that your chaise lounge or your favorite home theater chair is more than just something you picked up at the corner store, Furniture Amore works by adding essential oils and conditioners to it. The upside of it being able to whisk away unsightly dirt and the smudging that can happen with anything around the home is simply an added bonus.

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