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Sunday, January 02, 2011

When you need a new briefcase, it is always best to look at all the options available to choose the right leather briefcase for your needs. There are both soft and hard leather briefcases available to choose from, and each of these has specific benefits.

  • Soft Leather Briefcases
  1. A soft leather briefcase is an excellent choice if you need to carry a wide variety of items, such as papers, office supplies, your jacket, art supplies and many other items. The soft briefcase is more flexible than a hard briefcase, and can often hold more items than can be packed into a hard briefcase.
  2. On the other hand, if you are carrying papers in addition to other items, you will need to have them placed in a hard backed binder or book to ensure they aren’t crinkled under the weight of other items.
  3. Soft leather briefcases, however, can be the perfect choice for a wide variety of careers. Soft leather briefcases are considered to be a more casual choice that works well in more situations than a hard briefcase, and with super soft, buttery leather available you will find that a soft briefcase quickly becomes one of your favorite bags to carry for work.
  4. A hard leather briefcase is also a good choice, and is particularly good for anyone who wants a more protective case for their items, especially in the case of laptop computers.
  • Hard Leather Briefcases
Hard leather briefcases are a more traditional choice for business men and women. With classic colors such as brown and black, these bags work well with any business wardrobe. A hard briefcase will protect your laptop better than a soft briefcase, even if you are bumped and shuffled on the commute to work every day.
  1. A hard briefcase is also a conservative choice that shows both employers and clients that you are serious about your work, and reflects a more traditional style than a more casual soft leather briefcase.
  2. Choosing a high quality hard leather briefcase is a good idea if you need to make long trips carrying paperwork, but don’t often need to carry other materials that may not fit into a rigid space.
  3. For example, if you are planning to go to the gym after work, you may find that your gym supplies won’t fit into the space offered by a hard leather briefcase. A leather briefcase is a great gift idea, whether you choose hard or soft.

  • Giving a Briefcase as a Gift
When you want to give someone a leather briefcase as a gift, you need to know a little about their career and what they do before and after work.
  1. An example is when the recipient is a subway rider and likes to spend some time in the city after work. For this individual a soft leather briefcase is a good choice that will allow them ample room for the supplies needed to handle the challenges of their day.
  2. For someone on your gift list who enjoys the luxury of driving to work daily for a 9 to 5 job, a hard leather briefcase is a more perfect option and a great travel companion.

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