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Friday, January 14, 2011

Wedding gifts are something that many couples keep and cherish for a lifetime, so it is important to get the new couple a gift that is loved and used for many years to come. Everyone has heard the joke about getting seven toaster ovens at their wedding, but the sad truth is that most couples do get gifts that are simply unusable or uninteresting. The next time you attend a wedding, you will want to choose the perfect gift, something that the couple will remember for a lifetime.

Gift Giving on a Budget

You can easily find affordable wedding gifts for any new couple. Here are a few of the top tips for getting the perfect gift:

  • First things first. Be sure to ask where the bride and groom are registered and check their registry. Even if you don’t know the couple well, their registry will give you some ideas of which gifts they may prefer over those that won’t be appreciated.
  • Get to know the bride and groom well enough to match the gifts to their personal interests. Often friends and family are a good resource for the information that will help you with your choices.
  • When you know the bride and groom’s passion is a hobby, look for something that matches their interests. And make sure to read up on gift giving etiquette for weddings before you go out and spend money.  A little time spent here can avoid a lot of embarrassment later on.
The more thought you put into finding affordable wedding gifts, the more they will be remembered by the bride and groom. For some couples, the best wedding gift will be something that they can use. Make sure that you avoid getting one piece in a set, such as a sugar dish that matches the dishes on the registry. These gifts may be appreciated, but are easily forgotten

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