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Sunday, February 04, 2007

When we were browsing our competitors' sites this weekend, as we are prone to do now and again, we came across the "new" Kenneth Cole 1/2 Flap Brief on Wilson's Leather website.

With all due respect, but our Double Compartment Leather Briefcase, a copy of the aforementioned case (only slightly smaller and more convenient in size), came out in the Spring of 2005 and is selling very well on our site. So that's why the Kenneth Cole briefcase is not exactly new, as far as we are concerned.

Furthermore, our version comes in a very attractive Cordovan color, in addition to the black one. And, we also offer monogramming / personalization on this case, making it unique for each recipient. And, finally, it also costs 60% less than Wilson's discounted price. Notice the image of this beauty (above) from our site.

So, we may not have the resources of the big guys, but we sure know our leather goods and our style. We also have a passion for leather and a desire to satisfy each one of our customers. Why? Because we listen to our customers, read all our emails, contemplate on all the feedback that we receive and then try to adjust accordingly.

We have our loyal customers to thank for our growth and we are not going to change the way we do things around here.

Happy Shopping!

The CLC Team

by: CLCLeather

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