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Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Since CLC is an FASC (FedEx Authorized ShipCenter) we will continue to bring you important news about FedEx in our blog posts.

It's definitely not SNAIL MAIL ANYMORE!

In 2001, FedEx and the USPS signed a 7 year contract allowing the private courier to make airport-to-airport delivery of mail using FedEx planes. In exchange, the USPS allowed many FedEx drop boxes to MAGICALLY appear all over the country outside the doors of various post office branches. Well, this deal worked out well for both companies and so they have decided to extend the contract (so that other couriers cannot jump at the opportunity) until 2013! This extension was made almost 2 years before the old contract expired!

Latest FedEx news can be found by clicking here.

Go FedEx and Go CLC!

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