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Thursday, June 01, 2006
Once again, we have used valuable customer feedback from our customers to completely redesign our shopping cart online at CLC.

One can now determine the exact costs for shipping each item based on shipping method and destination zip code WITHOUT having to checkout! (You might want to try out this feature and see how it works instead of waiting until you actually need to place an order. You don't lose anything since you don't have to checkout. It's pretty cool since you can enter a variety of zip codes and shipping methods and come up with accurate, but different shipping amounts).

All you have to do is enter the product in the cart, enter the destination zip code, scroll down to the proper shipping method and hit the “APPLY” button and VOILA!!!

This feature is especially useful for people looking for expedited delivery, but wanting to determine the cost first. Moreover, the shopping cart is now streamlined to include the Billing and Shipping information on one page, thereby allowing you, the customer to checkout faster and easier, all within a secure environment (128-bit encryption).

Happy Shopping,

The CLC Team

by: CLCLeather

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