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Sunday, April 23, 2006
If all of us can do just a bit more to prevent environmental abuse and pollution, then the world would definitely become a better place. Individuals and businesses alike must pledge to make their daily routines a little more environmentally friendly.

And it does not take much on our part. We can still use our cell phones, PDA's, laptops and other hi-tech devices. However, just charging them in our cars or using a solar powered charger helps to cut down on electricity, thereby adding to environmentally friendly methods.

Click here to take a pledge to do your part to save the environment, one step at a time, one person at a time. Let's make a healthy environment a reality for us and our generations to come.

We at CLC try to cut down on waste as much as possible and encourage recycling methods in the workplace as well as at home. We used environmentally friendly dyes to color our leather products (vegetable tanned) and our packing materials are made from recycled plastic, paper or eco-friendly materials.

Happy and Safe Shopping,

The CLC Team

by: CLCLeather

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